Who played with Zola?

Assistant Manager

Played together with: Matches PPG
Frank Leboeuf Centre-Back 158 1.80
Celestine Babayaro Left-Back 151 1.87
Roberto Di Matteo Central Midfield 150 1.78
Ciro Ferrara Centre-Back 139 1.70

Did Zola play for Chelsea?

He played in a total of 312 games for Chelsea and scored 80 goals, scoring 59 goals in 229 Premier League appearances. He subsequently decided to return to Italy during the following season. In early 2003, Zola was voted as the best ever Chelsea player by Chelsea’s fans.

What positions did Zola play?

ForwardGianfranco Zola / PositionForwards refers to the outfield positions on an association football team who play furthest up the pitch, and are therefore most responsible for scoring goals as well as assisting goals.
Team formations normally include one to three forwards; for example, the common 4–2–3–1 includes one forward. Wikipedia

Did Zola win anything at Chelsea?

Zola helped Chelsea to win the FA Cup in his first season and became the only footballer in history to win the football writers’ player of the year award without playing a full season in English football. The award had been around for 50 years but he was the first Chelsea player to win it.

Which club did Zola end his career?

In the 1992-93 Serie A season, which happens to be Zola’s final season with Napoli, he made a total of 33 league appearances and scored 12 goals. The total number of goals the Italian football star managed to score during his stint with Napoli is 32 (he made a total of 105 appearances for the club).

What team did Zola manage?

Chelsea F.C.Assistant Coach, 2018–2019Birmingham City F.C.Association football manager, 2016–2017Al‑Arabi SCAssociation football manager, 2015–2016Cagliari CalcioAssociation football manager, 2014–2015
Gianfranco Zola/Teams coached

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What does Zola mean in South Africa?

Zola is also rooted in African heritage, particularly in The Democratic Republic of Congo, where it means “quietness.” Zola is an earthy name for a new parent who hopes that their baby girl will find a way to be grounded and tranquil.

Is Gianfranco Zola a Chelsea legend?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Gianfranco Zola is a Chelsea Legend, having led Chelsea to the FA Cup in 1997 and the Cup Winners Cup, Coca Cola and Super Club in 1998.

How many goals did Gianluigi Zola score in his Chelsea career?

In total, Zola made 102 league appearances with Parma, scoring 49 goals. In November 1996, Zola joined Chelsea for £4.5 million as one of several continental players signed by Ruud Gullit (including compatriot Gianluca Vialli) and was assigned the number 25 jersey. He made his debut in a 1–1 draw with Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

Is Chelsea legend Gianluigi Zola’s number 25 now retired?

No other Chelsea player has held Zola’s number 25 shirt since his departure, prompting some to report that the squad number has been retired. Despite such reports, the club has not officially withdrawn it from circulation.

How many trophies did Zola win at Chelsea?

In the 1997–98 season, Zola helped Chelsea win three more trophies, the League Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup and the Super Cup.