Is Fun Spot America free?

For anyone who is not doing the rides, we are a FREE admission park. We do not recommend our rides for any child under 24 months. If your two year old only wants to do one carousel ride, it is $5 a ride.

What is the biggest fun spot?

Fun Spot Orlando is much bigger, with more Go-Karts, smoother roller coasters, and more ride options for children, including a new Splash Pad….Fun Spot Kissimmee Rides.

Ride Height Requirement Ride Type
Chaos 54 inches Go-Kart
Vortex 54 inches Go-Kart
Headrush 360 48 inches Thrill Ride
Hot Seat 48 inches Thrill Ride

Who owns Fun Spot Kissimmee?

John Arie, Jr.
The face of FUN SPOT! John is our media spokesperson as well as our Owner and Chief Executive Officer. John has played an active role in the go-kart amusement industry since he was a young man, and he has worked in every aspect of the family-owned business.

How much are rides at Old Town Kissimmee?

Rides cost anywhere from two to five tickets, so a $25 ride-all-day pass will pay for itself fairly quickly. A tiny go-kart track collects a separate fee of $6 for a 13-lap, 4-minute ride. Old Town also boasts a haunted house, the Haunted Grimm House.

Is Kissimmee or Orlando Fun Spot better?

Kissimmee is slower in day til 8 pm and less crowded than Orlando. Better for young kids and families. Orlando slower at night and packed in daytime. Newer higher thrill rides, longer lines more people in smaller space.

Is Fun Spot Orlando better than fun spot Kissimmee?

Fun Spot Orlando is better than Fun Spot Kissimmee because it has 4 go-kart tracks compared to 2 at Kissimmee, smoother roller coasters, more kiddie rides, and 3 free large parking areas compared to 1 small parking area at Kissimmee.

Where is Fun Spot Kissimmee?

Pick from Fun Spot Orlando, just minutes from Universal Studios and International Drive, or Fun Spot Kissimmee, located near Disney World at Old Town. Your single-day ticket grants you access to one of the family-owned theme parks.

How many rides are at FunFun Spot America Kissimmee?

Fun Spot America Kissimmee has 2 unique U.S patented go-kart tracks, 18 Family and Thrill rides. Home to the worlds tallest SkyCoaster standing at 300ft!

How much does the Fun Spot swing cost?

Kick back and relax on the Fun Spot Express as it takes you around the park with convenient stops along the way. This HUGE swing starts at a steady speed and then picks up as your feet get higher and higher off the ground. $40 ea for single rider, $35 ea for double riders, $30 ea for triple riders. Only $20 with purchase of Single Day FUN Pass!

What are the best Kissimmee rides?

Kissimmee Rides 1 Frog Hopper. Reach the top and hop up and down as this kiddie ride will give you tummy tingling tickles. 2 Crazy Couch. Drop 80 feet straight into an inversion. 3 Headrush 360. Turn your world upside down as this ride spins you… 4 Hurricane. 5 Happy Swing. 6 Sky Sled. 7 Hot Seat.