What is a YTP video?

Weird videos using familiar kids’ TV characters are a thing on YouTube. They belong to a category of video called YouTube Poop (YTP). YTP is a mashup of familiar characters, images, and stories that go off the rails. People create them using video-editing software that lets them splice in clips from real shows.

Does YTP exist?

Since YouTube Poop relies heavily on audiovisual material protected under copyright law, and the manner in which these sources are depicted is perceived by its owners as detracting from the ways in which consumers are apparently intended to access them, YTPs are known for being removed from YouTube following DMCA …

What was the first YTP on YouTube?

The first known YouTube Poop video was uploaded by user SuperYoshi, with the video being titled “I’D SAY HE’S HOT ON OUR TAIL”. That video is generally considered to be the very first YouTube Poop, and thereafter created a community of people making this type of content.

Where the poop is?

Where’s the poop? is the phrase that Lily uses when she realizes that someone is lying or hiding something from her. The phrase is followed by the name of the person she is addressing.

What does YT girl mean?

“Whitey” (sometimes abbreviated as “yt”) is a derogatory term for a white person. The level of contempt implied by the term varies, although it is most often used as an insult.

What video editor does YTP use?

You can use a free video editor such as Shotcut, Openshot, and VSDC Free Video Editor. If you want professional software, you can get Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, or Final Cut Pro. Select the source video(s) that you wish to edit. Source videos are videos from another source to be edited for YouTube Poop.

What is sentence mixing?

Sentence mixing is a popular and diverse element in YouTube Poop. It involves splicing words and phrases spoken by a character to create new words and phrases. Good sentence mixing always trumps mindless spadinner.

Do plants poop?

So as long as you think of pooping in general terms, plants do it! They also do things like breathing, sweating, peeing, and even farting.