Do people buy MapleStory accounts?

MapleStory Account for Sale Some classes in MapleStory can take a lot of time to level up. Buyers don’t have to waste time grinding experience when they can have more fun instead. By buying a MapleStory account from the marketplace, buyers can enjoy endgame content without the hassle!

How do you buy NX reboot?

You can purchase NX as prepaid or credit, using a valid credit/debit card, PayPal, game card, and more. Your available NX balance is displayed on the bottom left of the Cash Shop. To add more NX to your account, click the “CHARGE NX” button.

How do I buy Nexon Cash?

You can purchase both NX Credit and NX Prepaid from Nexon Home ( and Nexon Launcher. You can also purchase NX Credit through Steam for certain supported Nexon games from the game’s Cash Shop.

How do you get rich m in MapleStory?

MapleStory M – How To Earn Mesos Fast

  1. Farm mesos at Sky Terrace 2.
  2. Sell items at the Trade Station.
  3. Buy Cash items and sell them (for P2P players)
  4. Sell off your useless items using the inventory.
  5. Gather epic equipment from Elite Dungeons and sell them for mesos.
  6. Use your alts to farm for powder and sell max level equipment.

Is it better to play reboot MapleStory?

Ultimately there is no right or wrong decision and it comes down to what you enjoy doing in MapleStory and what you see yourself doing long term. I’ve played both Reboot and normal servers during my time playing MapleStory since and have settled on playing Normal servers as a free to play player.

Is MapleStory reboot p2w?

Yes, it is very pay to win, even the Reboot server is pay to win through the pet system. The “free” pet is damage walled so extremely, and you still need to buy pet skills, and in some cases you need more than 1. Pets are not something you really need.

Can you buy mesos in Maplestory?

Last but definitely not least, you can buy Maplestory mesos. Yes, that’s right; you can purchase Meso with real money. It’s fast and you no longer have to go through tricky Free Market maneuvers or grind Party Quests or bosses.

Why do people buy Maplestory Reboot accounts?

The reason why so many players buy MapleStory Reboot accounts is that the Reboot series ultimately combats the issues within the regular servers in MapleStory. Namely, the pay-to-win stuff that’s been plaguing the MMO for years.

How do I get legendary IA and Mesos?

The best way to get Legendary IA and Mesos Obtained, is to use Miracle Circulators till you get to Legendary and then lock only the ability. Then you use Honor EXP to keep resetting till you get what you want.

What is the best party quest to sell Mesos for?

For example, if you are between level 10-20, go for the Henesys Party Quest, because its bonus, Pig Park, drops noticeably rare items that you can sell at a great price. And when you’re around 21-30, go for the Kerning Party Quest, as you can get DEX scrolls from it, which can sell for 200k-500,000 mesos; sometimes even 2 million!