What are the major occupations in India?

Agriculture is Main Occupation: In India, agriculture is the main occupation. 66.7 percent of population is engaged in agriculture as against 71 percent in 1901. This has given rise to disguised unemployment.

What is the most common occupation job in India?

What Are the Most Popular Jobs In India This Year?

  1. Sales Managers. Sales managers are responsible for sales teams.
  2. Speech-Language Pathologist.
  3. Physical Therapists.
  4. Medical and Health Services.
  5. Web Developers.
  6. Network Administrator.

What are the odd jobs in India?

10 Highly Unusual Jobs People Have In India

  • Ear Cleaner. A sharp steel needle, a wad of cotton and a pincer – these are the tools of the trade.
  • Corpse Photographers. Believe it or not, this is actually a profession.
  • Genealogists.
  • Mustachioed Doormen.
  • Roadside Dentists.
  • Human Scarecrows.
  • Professional Mourners.
  • Pet Food Taster.

What are the occupations in villages?

The following are the various occupations found in village:

  • Farming.
  • Pottery.
  • Transportation.
  • Animal husbandary.
  • Shopkeeping.

What is the main occupation in urban areas?

A major occupation in the cities is that of business, several people in the city are businessmen. These people either own or rent a shop for business purposes. For example, a businessman dealing in readymade garments may set up a big showroom if he has lots of money or he may set up a small shop for his business.

How many occupations are there in India?

According to researchers, India has a variety of 250 career options available across 40 domains covering 5,000 job types.

What type of jobs do Indians do?

Most Indians prefer government jobs with SSC, bank PO and Indian railways commanding the top slots. We are considered a young nations as around 5 million-plus youngsters graduate from various educational institutions annually. Most of them start looking for jobs shortly before and immediately after graduation.

What are the important occupations in towns and cities?

Answer: List of ten occupations: (i) Agriculture (ii). Animal rearing (iii) Carpentry (iv) Horticulture (v) Pottery making (vi) Trade (vii) Teaching (viii) Weaving (ix) Spinning (x) Fishery.

What are the main occupation in urban areas?

There are many type of occupations that the people living in urban areas in India do. The job type ranges from being a Doctor, Engineer, Manual Scavenger, Business Man, Contractor and others.

What are the occupations in cities?

This page in:

  • Construction Workers.
  • Civil Engineers and City Planners.
  • Communicators.
  • Urban Managers.
  • Social Contractors.
  • Servers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Information Communication Technology.

Which are two common occupations in cities and villages?

Answer: The occupations mentioned in the story are : (i) Hotel owner : lived in the city (ii) Trader : city (iii) Gardener : both in the villages and city (iv) Potter : lived in the villages (v) Grasscutter : villages (vi) Horse merchant (trader) : both in the villages and city.