What is Suspend SC insecticide used for?

Suspend SC may be used for the control of ants, fleas,centipedes, firebrats,gnats,bees,bedbugs, carpet beetles,cockroaches, crickets, flies, hornets,pillbugs,scorpions, spiders,yellow jackets,wasps, and carpenter ants. Apply as a coarse, low pressure spot or crack and crevice spray to areas that pests normally inhabit.

What is the active ingredient in Bithor SC?

Do not apply more than 9 pints (0.5 lb of imidacloprid active ingredient, 0.4 lb bifenthrin) per acre per year or 3.3 fluid ounces per 1000 square feet per year. by injection or drench, do not exceed 0.4 lb of imidacloprid (7 pints of Bithor SC) per acre per year.

How do I apply for Allectus?

Imported Fire Ants: Apply as a broadcast treatment in non-residential turf areas up to 9.2 lb per 1000 sq ft. For mound treatment, apply ¾ cup of LEBANON PRO BRAND FERTILIZER WITH ALLECTUS 0.225 G INSECTICIDE per mound and then drench the mound with 1 to 2 gallons of water.

How do you mix Bithor SC?

Broadcast treatments should be applied at 1.65 fluid oz. per 1,000 square feet. Mounds should be treated by diluting 1/3 fluid oz. (2 teaspoons) of BITHOR SC per gallon of water and applying 1 to 2 gallons of finished spray per mound.

Is Suspend SC safe for plants?

Suspend SC will not harm your plants. Your cats should be out of the area prior to the applications and they can return to the area after it has dried.

Is Bithor toxic?

SKIN: May cause slight irritation. Avoid contact with skin and clothing. INGESTION: Harmful if swallowed. Do not take internally.

How does Bithor work?

Using a combination of two actives, Bithor will get pests active and in turn, get them to move over treated surfaces. WHERE TO USE IT: Inside the home Bithor can be applied to carpeting, box springs, baseboards, cabinets and furniture where pests like bedbugs, roaches and carpet beetles are active.

Is Bifen toxic to humans?

Bifenthrin can be absorbed by humans either by skin contact or ingestion. Skin contact is not toxic, causing only a slight tingling sensation on the specific location of contact. Ingestion in concentrations below 10−4 M is not toxic.

How long does it take bifenthrin to work?

While Bifenthrin is an effective active ingredient, it does not provide an instant kill. Exposed insects may take 10 minutes or so to die from the effects of Bifenthrin.