What are the 4 steps in solving word problems?

Polya created his famous four-step process for problem solving, which is used all over to aid people in problem solving:

  • Step 1: Understand the problem.
  • Step 2: Devise a plan (translate).
  • Step 3: Carry out the plan (solve).
  • Step 4: Look back (check and interpret).

How to solve math word problems in an easy way?

Write an equation. Use the information you learn from the problem,including keywords,to write an algebraic description of the story.

  • Solve an equation for one variable. If you have only one unknown in your word problem,isolate the variable in your equation and find which number it is equal
  • Solve an equation with multiple variables.
  • How do you answer a word problem?

    Read the word problem. Make sure you understand all the words and ideas.

  • Identify what you are looking for.
  • Name what you are looking for. Choose a variable to represent that quantity.
  • Translate into an equation.
  • Solve the equation using good algebra techniques.
  • Check the answer in the problem.
  • Answer the question with a complete sentence.
  • What are some easy math problems?

    If a number is an even number and ends in 0,2,4,6 or 8,it is divided by 2.

  • A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of the digits is divisible by 3.
  • A number is divisible by 4 if the last two digits are divisible by 4.
  • If the last digit is 0 or 5,it is divisible by 5
  • How do you solve algebra word problems?

    Solving algebraic word problems requires us to combine our ability to create equations and solve them. To solve an algebraic word problem: Define a variable. Write an equation using the variable. Solve the equation. If the variable is not the answer to the word problem, use the variable to calculate the answer.