How did Boucher lose his eye?

Boucher suffered a serious eye injury on 9 July 2012, after being struck on his left eye by a bail. He was not wearing a protective helmet or glasses when he was struck by the bail after leg-spinner Imran Tahir bowled Somerset’s Gemaal Hussain.

Did Mark Boucher lose sight in his eye?

Former South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher could regain most of the sight in his left eye after a freak accident tore his retina, his doctor said on Thursday.

Is Mark Boucher retired?

After an international career that lasted almost 15 years, the end was desperately unfortunate, as Boucher was forced to announce his retirement after being hit in the eye by a bail in a warm-up game on the tour to England in 2012, which would have been his last series anyway.

Is Marc Boucher married?

Carmen LotterMark Boucher / Spouse (m. 2017)

What is scleral laceration?

Scleral lacerations are traumatic injuries to the eye and should be considered ophthalmic emergencies as improper treatment can lead to permanent visual loss. On presentation, the patient will have a history of ocular trauma, significant pain, associated photophobia, and blepharospasm.

What is lacerated eyeball?

A corneal laceration is a cut on the cornea. It is usually caused by something sharp flying into the eye. It can also be caused by something striking the eye with significant force, like a metallic hand tool. A corneal laceration is deeper than a corneal abrasion, cutting partially or fully through the cornea.

What is the age of Mark Boucher?

45 years (December 3, 1976)Mark Boucher / Age

What is Mark Bouchers net worth?

Mark Boucher’s net worth His net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million.

Do they stitch eyeballs?

Corneal sutures (stitches) are used as part of many corneal operations, particularly penetrating and deep lamellar keratoplasties (corneal grafts). Corneal tissue heals slowly, and it is common for sutures to be left in place for many months prior to removal.