How do I download ringtones to my Motorola?

Moto G Play – Set Ringtones / Notification Sounds

  1. Apps. Settings. Sound.
  2. Do any of the following: To set a ringtone: Tap. Phone ringtone. . Select a ringtone then tap. OK. . To set a notification sound: Tap. Default notification ringtone. . Select the preferred notification ringtone then tap. OK. . Tap.

Where are my ringtones on my Moto G power?

Touch & hold the app icon. Touch > Notifications. Touch the category for checkmarked notifications, then touch Advanced > Sound and select a unique ringtone, or set it to none.

How do I set a custom ringtone on my Moto G stylus?

moto g stylus – Set Ringtones / Notification Sounds

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
  2. Navigate: Settings. Sound. .
  3. Tap. Advanced. then do any of the following: To set a ringtone: Tap. Phone ringtone. . Select the ringtone then tap. OK. . To adjust vibration settings: Tap. Vibrate for calls.

What are the top 10 Ringtones?

Tum Mile Dil Khile Instrumental. 480 Bytes.

  • Apple Iphone 8. 219 Bytes.
  • Kgf Karuvinil Enai. 1.14 Mb.
  • Lord Krishna Flute. 206 Bytes.
  • New Bollywood Instrumental. 366 Bytes.
  • Best Joker Ringtone 2019. 470 Bytes.
  • Let Me Love You Instrument. 228 Bytes.
  • Shiva Ringtone. 368 Bytes.
  • Where can I download Ringtones for free?

    9 best sites for free ringtone downloads

    • But before we share these sites. You’ll want to know how to put the tones on your smartphone.
    • Mobile9. Mobile9 is a site that provides ringtones, themes, apps, stickers and wallpapers for iPhones and Androids.
    • Zedge.
    • iTunemachine.
    • Mobiles24.
    • Tones7.
    • Ringtone Maker.
    • Notification Sounds.

    How do I get more ringtones?

    How to change your ringtone on an Android

    1. Open the Settings app on your Android mobile device.
    2. Tap on “Sounds and vibration.”
    3. Tap on “Ringtone.”
    4. The next menu will be a list of possible preset ringtones.
    5. Once you’ve selected a new ringtone, tap on it so that there’s a blue circle to the left of the selection.

    How do I get ringtones for my phone?

    Set a custom ringtone in new Android devices:

    1. Download or transfer the song you want to set as your ringtone to your phone.
    2. Open the Settings app.
    3. Go to Sound & vibration.
    4. Hit Phone ringtone.
    5. Go to My Sounds.
    6. If your ringtone doesn’t show up, hit the + button in the bottom-right corner.
    7. Find the song and tap on it.