What is primary reflection of Gabriel Marcel?

Marcel calls these two kinds of thinking “primary” and “secondary” reflection. Primary reflection examines its object by abstraction, by analytically breaking it down into its constituent parts. It is concerned with definitions, essences and technical solutions to problems.

What is the meaning of life according to Karl Jaspers?

For Jaspers man’s existence meant not mere being-in-the-world but rather man’s freedom of being. The idea of being oneself signified for Jaspers the potentiality to realize one’s freedom of being in the world.

What is the main proponents of primary and secondary reflection?

“Primary” and “Secondary Reflection” are concepts from the work of Christian Existentialist Gabriel Marcel.

What is the difference between being a body and merely having a body?

Furthermore, being a body must be characterized by an inherent pre-reflective self-awareness, whereas having a body refers to the realm of object perception or thematic reflection that, in turn, is founded on the former, more primary form of intention and self-awareness.

What are the three main sources of philosophy according to Karl Jaspers?

The three volumes of Philosophy bear the titles Philosophical World Orientation (volume I), The Illumination of Existence (volume II), and Metaphysics (volume III). It was written during the 1920s after Jaspers obtained the full professorship at Heidelberg University.

Why is it that primary reflection is called selfish thinking?

Thus, for Marcel, according to Jay and Ryan, primary reflection cannot be a genuine thinking because it failed to make sense of the whole, of the mystery of life. In other words, primary reflection is selfish thinking because it is instrumental thinking.

What is the meaning of the real essence of man is different from his body?

According to Olst, the essence of man is not his body. The body, according to him, is an aid to something else – an aid to his feelings and thoughts. He further explains that his thoughts in their turn can be viewed as an aid to his will, or conversely, there is a part of his consciousness that uses his thought.

What is the meaning of life according to Merleau-Ponty?

Merleau-Ponty’s constant aim was to show that the living body is not a blind mechanism, and that the body has its own endogenous sense which is not projected onto it by a disembodied consciousness.

What is the body Merleau-Ponty?

Habitual and actual body Merleau-Ponty distinguishes the habitual body—that of general and pre-reflexive existence—from the actual—that of personal and reflexive existence—understanding that both always co-penetrate each other.

What is the best book on Gabriel Marcel?

Good overall study of Marcel’s philosophical work, with an introduction by Marcel. Hanley, Katherine Rose. Dramatic Approaches to Creative Fidelity: A Study in the Theater and Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973). Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1987.

Was Gabriel Marcel an existentialist?

Gabriel Marcel is often characterized as an existentialist, although he himself rejected that term. Such a characterization usually sees him as a theistic existentialist as opposed to the atheistic existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre or Martin Heidegger.

When was Gabriel Marcel born and died?

Gabriel Marcel, in full Gabriel-Honoré Marcel, (born December 7, 1889, Paris, France—died October 8, 1973, Paris), French philosopher, dramatist, and critic who was associated with the phenomenological and existentialist movements in 20th-century European philosophy and whose work and style are often characterized as theistic or Christian

Where can I find the Gabriel Marcel collection?

Gabriel Marcel Society , managed by Brendan Sweetman (Rockhurst University). Gabriel Marcel Collection , Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas.