When was Malaysia declared independence?

31 August 1957
The unity between the three major ethnic groups namely Malays, Chinese and Indians led to the London Agreement that was signed on 8 February 1956 and had given signs that Malaya will achieve independence on 31 August 1957.

Why does Malaysia have two Independence Day?

The declaration of the formation of Malaysia was postponed a couple of times due to administrative issues, but it was eventually announced on 16th September 1963, thus forming the new nation that we call Malaysia – this is the very reason Malaysia celebrates Malaysia Day on 16th September.

How many years has Malaysia got independence in 2021?

31 (Xinhua) — Malaysia marked the 64th anniversary of its independence on Tuesday, with a scaled-back celebration due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the country.

What is the difference between Malaysia Independence Day and Malaysia Day?

Merdeka (National Day) is on 31 August and marks Malaya’s independence from the British in 1957. Malaysia Day, however, was established on 16 September 1963 when the former British colony of Singapore and the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaya to create the Malaysian Federation.

Who declared independence of Malaysia?

Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman
On 31 August 1957, the Malayan Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaims the independence of the Federation of Malaya.

How did Malaysia get its independence?

The independent Malaya united with the then British crown colonies of North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore on 16 September 1963 to become Malaysia. In August 1965, Singapore was expelled from the federation and became a separate independent country….

Official language Malay
Recognised language English

What happened on 16th September Malaysia?

History of Malaysia Day Malaysia day commemorates September 16, 1963, when the Malaysian Federation was established. The East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and the former British Colony of Singapore combined with the Malaya Federation to form Malaysia.

Why do we celebrate on the September 16th Malaysia?

Malaysia Day is celebrated on the 16th September each year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. Malaysia Day marks the joined day of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia.

How many years has Malaysia got independence in 2022?

63 Years of Moment. Since the independence from the British Empire in 31st August 1957, Malaysia progress forward for 63 years and making itself visible in the world history.

Why is 16 September Malaysia Day?

When did Malaysia start celebrating Malaysia Day?

Prime Minister Najib Razak made the decision after a question-and-answer session at Parliament on 19 October 2009, giving Malaysians two celebrations related to the country’s independence and sovereignty. Beginning the year 2010, Malaysia Day became a nationwide public holiday.

Why is it called Malaysia Day?