What should I text him during the day?

I’m going to rub your back when you get home from work today.

  • I miss your face.
  • I’ve had a stressful day and all I want to do is fall asleep in your arms.
  • I’m still laughing at that joke you told me last night.
  • Thank you for being you.
  • Just thinking about your smile 🙂
  • You make me feel so lucky.
  • What should I text my crush in the afternoon?

    Cute Text Messages to Send Your Crush to Keep Them Interested

    • “You looked so cute today.”
    • “Just saw your new post.
    • “Just heard a song that describes our relationship perfectly.”
    • “I can’t help but smile when I see you.”
    • “Thank you for just being you.”
    • “My favorite part of the day is talking to you.”

    How do you play cool over text?

    How to Play It Cool over Text

    1. 1 Send one text at a time.
    2. 2 Keep your texts short.
    3. 3 Let them text first sometimes.
    4. 4 Keep your texts positive.
    5. 5 Take a few minutes to respond.
    6. 6 Focus on your shared interests.
    7. 7 Ask them interesting questions.
    8. 8 Talk about your plans for the day.

    How do you chill someone you like?

    15 Ways Every Woman Can Play It Cool At The Start Of A New Relationship

    1. Don’t lose your cool.
    2. Learn from your past mistakes.
    3. Stop dwelling on the past.
    4. Take it slow.
    5. Don’t freak out because he’s not texting you back.
    6. Do not talk about being crazy.
    7. Stop talking about all the HOOKUPS you’ve had.

    How do you send a subtle flirty Text?

    11 Subtle Flirty Texts to Intrigue Your Crush

    1. Use their name.
    2. Tease them.
    3. Ask them more questions.
    4. Say something a little sensual.
    5. Mention things you like to do briefly.
    6. Reveal more about yourself over time.
    7. Make yourself seem busy.
    8. Wait to text them back.

    What are some cute text messages to send to a girl?

    I’m sending you something [insert smiley face emoji] 193. I bet you have the cutest bedhead. 194. Every morning I have to check our messages to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. 195. Ooh, a good morning text! I guess things are getting pretty serious, huh?

    What is a Good Morning text for a girl?

    Ooh, a good morning text! I guess things are getting pretty serious, huh? 196. Good morning! Hope your day is off to a good start! 197. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up.

    What does it mean when a guy texts you cute texts?

    Just like cute texts to send a guy show that you aren’t too “cool” to express your feelings, adorable texts from a guy reassure you how lucky he feels to have you by his side. We should want to make our man feel this way, too!

    How do you text a girl when she has a bad day?

    If you’re having a bad day, don’t worry about it. I have every intention of making sure your night is amazing. 64. In case you were wondering, no you don’t have to wait three days to text me. 65. When you get off, make sure you’re free for the rest of the night. I’ve got plans for you! [insert mood-appropriate emoji] 66.