What languages came from Sanskrit?

“Sanskrit is the origin of only a few languages in North India, such as Hindi, Marathi, Kashmiri, Oriya and so on.

Was Sanskrit ever a spoken language?

A language of the classes Sanskrit, which its proponents argue is the cultural marker of India, was never spoken all over the country and was never even the language of the masses in a particular region.

Who made the Sanskrit language?

Classical Sanskrit has its origin in the end of the Vedic period when the Upanishads were the last sacred texts to be written down, after which Panini, a descendant of Pani and a grammar and linguistic researcher, introduced the refined version of the language.

Do Tamil Brahmins know Sanskrit?

A lot of the teaching and acculturation for Brahmins in general and Tamil Brahmins too, is in Sanskrit, and because of a buoyant atmosphere for learning Sanskrit, now Tamil Brahmins as also others are first and foremost taking interest in learning it and also calling in love with it.

Did Dr Ambedkar know Sanskrit?

Despite his strong opposition to the Brahminical dominance in the society and social discrimination that led him and his followers to embrace Buddhism, Dr. Ambedkar himself had mastered Sanskrit, which was identified with the upper cast, he said.

What is sunscript?

Sunscript is the creation of Colin Williams. He created it when he had nothing better to do in school and based its appearance partly on Arabic and partly on some of the Indian syllabic alphabets. Colin uses Sunscript to write ” navthāladasȧ “, a language he invented after the creating the alphabet.

What language does Colin write in sunscript?

Colin uses Sunscript to write ” navthāladasȧ “, a language he invented after the creating the alphabet. The language is based primarily on German and Latin but has been distorted almost totally out of recognition so as to sound more like an Indian language.

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