What does Anska scroll say?

After the quest is completed, if Anska is asked what the scroll says, she will say it is encrypted and that it will take time to read it. Her dialogue will never change. She can be killed, but the scroll will disappear.

Can you find Anska again?

Though Anska is a part of the quest “A Scroll for Anska” she can still be killed by the Dragonborn. This will cause the quest to fail unless she is killed after the quest is completed.

Where does Anska go?

Even after High Gate Ruins resets, Anska will not leave the dungeon and will stay inside the first chamber.

How do you get Anska as a follower?

Anska has a complete new look. You can choose a vanilla hair, or a KS Hairdos version. After finishing the quest, Anska no longer roams the dungeon for all eternity. She will move to Morthal’s Inn, where you can recruit her as a follower.

Should I protect Golldir?

If the Dragonborn is successful in protecting Golldir, he rewards them with coins and the key to the Hillgrund chest. Golldir returns to his aunt and will be ready to aid the Dragonborn as a follower, as long as he survives the quest with the Dragonborn.

Is vokun a dragon priest?

Vokun, “shadow; darkness”) is one of the named dragon priests of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His full name translates to “Shadow” in the dragon tongue.

Where can I get a scroll for anska Skyrim?

―Anska. A Scroll For Anska is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This quest is given to the Dragonborn by Anska, who is located in High Gate Ruins.

Is there a glitch with anska in high gate ruins?

Another glitch is where Anska will not speak to the Dragonborn upon entering High Gate Ruins. This does not need to hinder progress through the dungeon. After defeating Vokun, she may appear moments later. Upon speaking to her the Dragonborn will have 2 options, neither of which start the quest.

How do I get anska to comment on the Soul Gem?

On entering the Catacombs, Anska will comment on the soul gem well before you reach it, and before it is in your line of sight. This bug is fixed by version 1.2 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Where can I find anska in Dragonborn?

Upon entering High Gate Ruins the Dragonborn will encounter Anska. She states that she has been searching for the tomb of Dragon Priest Vokun for a few years and believes that the scroll, which links her bloodline back to Ysgramor himself, is located in the ruins.