What is Juniper SSL VPN?

Juniper Secure Connect is a client-based SSL-VPN application that allows you to securely connect and access protected resources on your network. This application helps you to quickly achieve dynamic, flexible, and adaptable connectivity from devices anywhere across the globe.

Is Pulse secure an IPsec VPN?

A dynamic VPN allows administrators to provide IPsec access for Windows endpoints to a Juniper Networks SRX gateway device while also providing a way to distribute the Dynamic VPN software to remote clients through the use of a Web portal.

How do I get dynamic VPN?

The dynamic VPN feature is also known as remote access VPN or IPsec VPN client….Understanding Remote Client Access to the VPN

  1. Click Add connection.
  2. For Type, select Firewall (SRX).
  3. For Name, enter the hostname of the SRX gateway.
  4. For Server URL Name, enter the IP address of the SRX gateway.

Is Juniper Secure Connect free?

Product and Release Support You can avail 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year subscription licenses for Juniper Secure Connect. SRX Series devices and vSRX include two built-in concurrent user licenses.

What’s the difference between IPsec and SSL VPN?

Whereas an IPsec VPN enables connections between an authorized remote host and any system inside the enterprise perimeter, an SSL VPN can be configured to enable connections only between authorized remote hosts and specific services offered inside the enterprise perimeter.

Does VPN use static or dynamic IP?

The main difference between a static VPN and dynamic VPN is that with a static VPN, you’ll get the same IP address when you connect to a particular server. With a dynamic VPN, the IP addresses assigned to you by the server will change every time you start a new session.

Is Pulse secure a SSL VPN?

Pulse Connect Secure provides secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources—any- time, anywhere. It is the most widely deployed SSL VPN for organizations of any size, across every major industry.

Is static IP better for VPN?

Dynamic IP addresses, which are commonly allocated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), wifi routers, company networks, and VPNs, can cause you problems. A dedicated IP address or static IP address is often preferred.

Does VPN change IP address every time?

Each server is assigned a certain number of IP addresses. Therefore, it’s likely that each time you connect to the same server you will get a different IP address. This IP address is shared among other users who connect to the same server.

What is juniper SSG 5?

The Juniper Networks Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 5 device is an integrated router and firewall platform that provides Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN) and firewall services for a branch office or a retail outlet.

How do I create a remote access VPN for Juniper Secure connect?

To create a remote access VPN for Juniper secure connect: Choose Create VPN > Remote Access > Juniper Secure Connect on the upper right-side of the IPsec VPN page. The Create Remote Access (Juniper Secure Connect) page appears. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1 through Table 6.

What type of interfaces does the SSG5 device have?

By default, the SSG 5 device has Ethernet interfaces ethernet0/2—ethernet0/4 grouped together in the Trust security zone. Grouping interfaces sets interfaces in one subnet.

What is the USB port on a SSG 5 used for?

USB Port The USB port on the back panel of an SSG 5 device accepts a universal serial bus (USB) storage device or USB storage device adapter with a compact-flash disk installed, as defined in the CompactFlash Specificationpublished by the CompactFlash Association.