How do I install JRE for free?

Downloading the JRE Installer

  1. In a browser, go to the Java SE Runtime Environment 9 Downloads page.
  2. Download the JRE installer according to your requirement.
  3. Click Accept License Agreement, and then, under the Download menu, click the link that corresponds to the installer for your version of Windows.

Is Oracle Java still free?

You can still download older versions of the Oracle JDK to the point where the public updates stop. Moreover, Oracle JDK 8 continues to be free for personal desktop use, development, testing, prototyping, demonstrating, and certain types of applications through at least 2020.

Which version of Java is still free?

0 (Oct 2021) With the changes to Oracle JDK distribution and support, there has been considerable uncertainty over the rights to use Oracle JDK vs. Oracle OpenJDK builds vs.

How to install Java 2 runtime environment on Windows?

If 1.4.2 Beta is installed, uninstall it. Use the Microsoft Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, accessible from the Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel). 3. Run the installer Note – you must have administrative permissions in order to install the Java 2 Runtime Environment on Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.

Is 64-bit support available for Java 2 runtime environment?

64-bit support for the Java 2 Runtime Environment is available for SPARC processor platforms in a separate download. Note: For any text on this page containing the following notation, you must substitute the appropriate Java RE update version number for the notation.

What are the different versions of Java platform runtime?

Java Platform Runtime 1.4.0 Java Platform Runtime 1.3.1 Java Platform Runtime 1.2.1 Java Platform 7 Update 5 (x64) Java Platform 7 Update 5 Java Platform 7 Update 4 (x64) Java Platform 7 Update 4 Java Platform 7 Update 2 (x64) Java Platform 7 Update 2 Java Platform 7 (SDK) x64 Java Platform 7 (SDK) Java Platform 6.0 Update 7

What version of J2RE does Java Web Start Run on?

Compatibility: The release of Java Web Start that comes with this J2RE can be run on J2RE 1.2.2 or later. It will not work with J2RE 1.1.x or earlier.