What is a special situations group?

The Special Situations Group seeks to employ nimble and decisive investment strategies focused on multi-asset class assets to deliver attractive and differentiated risk-adjusted returns. Taking advantages in the right special situation require a special combination of staff and expertise.

What companies are owned by Goldman Sachs?

GS Lending Partners Holdings LLC Delaware
Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC Delaware
Goldman Sachs Bank USA New York
Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company New York
GSCP (DEL) Inc. Delaware

What is special about Goldman Sachs?

Industry Leader. Across the globe, it’s generally recognized that Goldman Sachs is the industry leader in investment banking. This is a great “why Goldman Sachs answer”. The firm consistently ranks at the top of various league tables and is the trusted advisor for the world’s biggest corporations.

Is Goldman Sachs International a bank?

Goldman Sachs International Bank provides banking services. The Bank offers consumer and business loans, investment banking, consumer and capital management, investing and lending, securities, and market research services. Goldman Sachs International Bank serves customers worldwide.

What does a special situations fund invest in?

Special situations funds are meant to be “benchmark agnostic”, meaning they can take concentrated bets away from the index and invest in medium, small and micro cap stocks if the manager thinks that’s where the best opportunity is.

What does a special situations fund do?

A special situation is a one-time event that has an impact on a stock or other asset. Any number of events, positive or negative, can cause a stock’s price to pop or depress its price. There are special situation funds that seek to exploit such events.

Is GS bank A Apple card?

Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch is the issuer of Apple Card.

How do you profit from special situations in the stock market?

How To Make Money From Special Situation Investing?

  1. What Is Special Situation Investing? The usual way for any company to make money is through the buying and selling of goods and services.
  2. Spin-Offs & Demergers.
  3. Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A)
  4. Close-Ended Mutual Fund Arbitrage.
  5. Equity Warrant Arbitrage.

What crypto is JPMorgan buying?

JPMorgan has made strides to get more involved in the crypto industry since last year, when it gave its wealth management clients access to six crypto funds, including the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The bank also announced in February that it would make a “strategic investment” in TRM Labs, a blockchain analysis firm.

What credit card is GS Bank?

Goldman Sachs Credit Cards Goldman Sachs has one credit card offer: the Apple Card. Before the Apple Card launched in August 2019, there were no Goldman Sachs credit cards on the market. In fact, the Apple Card is the first-ever credit card issued by Goldman, which was founded in 1869.