Is G450 and G550 same type rating?

They are all the same type rating but require differences training.

What helicopters require a type rating?

A person who acts as a pilot in command of any of the following aircraft must hold a type rating for that aircraft: (1) Large aircraft (except lighter-than-air). (2) Turbojet-powered airplanes. (3) Other aircraft specified by the Administrator through aircraft type certificate procedures.

What planes require a type rating?

A type rating is required for any aircraft over 12,500 lbs MGTOW and/or with a turbojet powerplant. There are also ratings for operating privileges (e.g., instrument rating.)

How much is a Gulfstream G450?

between $38m to $43m
A new Gulfstream G450 will currently cost between $38m to $43m. A pre-owned model will typically cost anywhere in the $14m to $35m range.

Is the 777 and 787 the same type rating?

A B777/787 type rating can be conducted either as a Standard Transition B777/787 Type Rating or via a Differences Course from the B787 to the B777. Note: The B777 is a common Type Rating with the B787. Therefore, when a pilot gets qualified on either aircraft, the endorsement on his/her licence is B777/787.

Can a pilot have multiple type ratings?

The world record for most type ratings held by an individual currently stands at 105! For safety reasons, most airlines only allow a pilot to be currently assigned to two aircraft types at one time so that they don’t start to confuse the different airplanes and mix things up.

What is the difference between a G350 and a G450?

The GIV-X may be modified by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. (GAC) through Aircraft Service Changes (ASC) to be identified as either a “G450” (ASC 005) or a “G350” (ASC 004). The G450 ASC is simply a change of the aircraft data plate.

How much does a gv/450/550 type rating cost?

To give you an example of the extremes, my GV/450/550 Type rating package costs $29,000 at FSI and my partners same package was billed out at $72,000. That was eight years ago so the numbers have changed some I’m sure.

What kind of avionics system does the G450 have?

Gulfstream implemented its vaunted PlaneView avionics system into the cockpit of the G450. The advanced avionics suite is operated on a Honeywell platform and gives the piloting crew various tools to use during flight. Liberty Jet uses real-time flight tracking data to locate all available options for your trip.

What is the range of a Gulfstream G450?

The Gulfstream G450 has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 4948 miles and a maximum speed of 605 mph. Common names and abbreviations: Gulfstream G450, G-450, Gulfstream. How much does it cost to own and operate a Gulfstream G450?