Has the Willis Tower Skydeck ever cracked?

The SkyDeck ledge of the Willis Tower cracks under visitors’ feet.

Why is the Willis Tower purple today?

The Willis Tower spire was lit purple and gold Monday in honor of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant following the helicopter crash that killed the NBA star, his daughter Gianna and seven others.

How strong is the glass on Willis Tower?

In fact, the glass can support five tons. Tourists taking photos in the glass ledges of Chicago’s Willis Tower, which hang 103 stories above the street below, got a hell of scare this week when it looked like the transparent floor beneath them was about to collapse.

How thick is the glass at Willis Tower?

half-inch thick
The Ledge’s glass boxes are comprised of three layers of half-inch thick glass laminated into one seamless unit. The Ledge’s boxes have a thin film over the top layer of glass that assures a clear view 1,353 feet straight down!

Why is Chicago lit up green?

The National Safety Council (NSC) is applauding building owners in Chicago for agreeing to light their properties green in observance of June as National Safety Month.

What is on the top floor of the Willis Tower?

The Willis Tower observation deck, called the Skydeck, opened on June 22, 1974. Located on the 103rd floor at an elevation of 1,353 feet (412.4 m), it is the highest observation deck in the United States and one of Chicago’s most famous tourist attractions.

Why are Chicago lights pink?

The Pink Lights are across the Chicago Skyline tonight for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Why are buildings purple in Chicago?

For Survival. Volunteers in Chicago are raising awareness in a big way by working with local government and businesses to light the city skyline purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The tradition of lighting up the buildings in this city began eight years ago.

Why is Hancock Tower green?

And finally, back to green: it is used for St. Patrick’s Day, of course, and also, along with blue for Earth Day, and at the holidays. In between times, most skyscrapers in Chicago default to white lights. The John Hancock Center’s distinctive band of white lights, known as its “crown of lights,” changes colors, too.

What do the blue lights in Chicago mean?

Some years ago, “Blue Light Cameras” (also known as Police Observation Devices or PODs) made their way into neighborhoods in the Chicago area. The system, at that time now known as Phase I, was designed to be used in some of the city’s hardest hit crime areas to curb or discourage criminal activity.

What happened to the glass ledge on Willis Tower in Chicago?

The glass sightseeing box extends from the 103rd floor of Willis Tower in Chicago and attracts about 1.5 million visitors each year. The ledge is designed to hold up to five tons, and its protective coating is intended to keep the ledge from scratching. The protective layer cracked before in May 2014 .

Was anyone in danger in the Willis Tower collapse?

The Willis Tower told CNN affiliate WBBM no one was in any danger, as the protective layer did what it was supposed to do. Chicago-area resident Jesus Pintado captured the harrowing moment on video.

How much weight can the ledge hold?

The ledge is designed to hold up to five tons, and its protective coating is intended to keep the ledge from scratching. The protective layer cracked before in May 2014 .

How dangerous is the cracked glass on the Chicago Skyway Bridge?

The protective layer cracked before in May 2014 . In 2014, tourist Alejandro Garibay told CNN affiliate WGN he saw lines forming in the glass and immediately moved from the ledge. There was no immediate danger in that case either.