What size is a SAE 6?

SAE J1926-1 and ISO 11296-1

Inch size Dash size Female thread O.D (in)
3⁄8 -6 0.51
1⁄2 -8 0.69
5⁄8 -10 0.81
3⁄4 -12

What is SAE ORB fitting?

What are ORB Fittings? ORB, or (SAE Straight Thread O-ring Boss) fittings, incorporate a port connection as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) for leak prevention in medium and high pressure hydraulic systems.

What size is a number 8 SAE?

dash 8 means 1/2″ ID in hoses but means 1/2″ OD on steel tubes. SAE can mean O-ring face seal or it can mean O-ring boss, or it can mean J.I.C. as well. In both J.I.C. and O-ring Boss, it will mean 3/4″ fine threads, or 16 threads per inch.

What is 6 An thread?

Each AN size refers to the outer diameter (o.d.) of the tube, or inner diameter (i.d.) of the hose that it’s used with….Plumbing Basics – AN Fittings & Hoses.

AN Size Hose i.d. – Tube o.d. SAE Thread Size
-4 1/4 in. 7/16 in.-20
-5 5/16 in. 1/2 in.-20
-6 3/8 in. 9/16 in.-18
-8 1/2 in. 3/4 in.-16

What size is #6 hydraulic fitting?

From the hydraulic catalog, the fitting can be identified as a NPTF/ MALE/SWIVEL. The -6 fitting has 3/8-18 threads, which can be identified using the calipers, thread gauge and the following tables.

Is orb and SAE the same?

O-Ring Boss: The threads of the SAE straight thread O-Ring Boss (ORB) and the straight thread 37⁰ JIC Flare are the same threads. The difference is the way each thread seals. While the JIC seals on a metal-to-metal flare, the ORB seals on an O-ring, which offers the best leak free connection.

What size is #6 hydraulic hose?

People new to the hydraulic industry often ask what hose dash size means. Simply put, a dash size refers to an I.D. of a hydraulic hose or fitting in 1/16″ increments. For example, -6 hose would indicate a hose with I.D. of 6/16″ – or 3/8″.

What is SAE hydraulic fittings?

SAE(SAE J512)stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE fittings are mostly used in refrigeration, automotive piping systems and other low-pressure applications. It’s common for copper tubes to be used with SAE threads. SAE Flare The SAE male and female halves both have a 45° flare seat.

What is SAE 18?

SSAE 18 is a series of enhancements aimed to increase the usefulness and quality of SOC reports, now, superseding SSAE 16, and, obviously the relic of audit reports, SAS 70.

Is SAE the same as NPT?

What’s the difference between SAE & NPT threads? The biggest difference is SAE is a straight thread, it needs additional O-ring, gasket or sealing surface to form a seal; NPT thread is a taper thread, it can form a seal using its thread pitch.