What kind of paint do you use to paint over kitchen cabinets?

There are many types of paint to choose from, but the best paint for kitchen cabinets is semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Matte is not practical in kitchens and baths where you will need durable paint you can easily clean.

How do you paint cabinets without getting brush strokes?

How to Paint Cabinets Without Brush Strokes

  1. Clean the cabinets, including the doors using dish soap with grease cutter and a clean rag.
  2. Remove the doors and drawers.
  3. Sand the cabinets, doors and drawer fronts.
  4. Spray the doors and drawer fronts with wood primer.

Do you have to sand kitchen cabinets before painting?

You should sand cabinets before beginning your how to paint kitchen cabinet project to give the new paint a good surface to grip. But you don’t need to sand to bare wood. If your cabinets have a factory finish, sand lightly with 120-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge.

What paint do professional cabinet makers use?

We usually use professional-grade lacquer because it has a lovely, silky-smooth feel to it, and is what cabinet manufacturers use. We think it’s the best paint for cabinets, hands-down (although there are some great pro-level water-based options as well).

How do you paint old kitchen cabinets?

Prep the room. A successful paint job lies in diligent prep work,and the first few steps are focused on prepping the room and cabinets for painting.

  • Remove the doors,drawers,and shelves. Be sure to mark each drawer front and door with a marker to prevent mixing up the doors.
  • Clean all the surfaces.
  • Prep the boxes.
  • Prime the cabinet boxes.
  • What is the best paint for cabinets?

    Semi-gloss: This is the best choice when painting kitchen cabinets.

  • Gloss paint: Another great option for kitchen cabinet paint,alongside semi-gloss,this will be the shiniest of your paint choices.
  • Eggshell or flat finish paint: Avoid using either of these finishes when painting kitchen cabinets.
  • Should I paint my custom, solid wood kitchen cabinets?

    You CAN paint wood cabinets, and if you do, they’ll STILL be solid wood – they’ll just look better. Now, let’s jog back to that ORIGINAL question, ‘what condition are your cabinets in?’ If your cabinets need some TLC, consider the cost/labour of doing this vs painting.

    How to paint kitchen cabinets in 9 steps?

    Step 1: Paint the Cabinet Frames Start with the cabinet frames, using a high-quality brush for smaller areas and a foam roller for larger surfaces. The technique is the same as for the primer — use even strokes with the brush and finish the stroke back into the wet paint and feather out the edges.