What city is Atalanta FC?

Bergamo, ItalyAtalanta B.C. / Location

Is Atalanta a place?

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, commonly referred to as Atalanta, is a professional football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy….Atalanta B.C.

Full name Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.A.
Nickname(s) La Dea (The Goddess) Gli Orobici I Nerazzurri (The Black and Blues)
Founded 17 October 1907

Where is Torino FC?

Turin, Piedmont
Torino Football Club (Italian pronunciation: [toˈriːno]), commonly referred to as Torino or simply Toro, is an Italian professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont.

What football teams play in Naples?

Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, commonly referred to as Napoli (pronounced [ˈnaːpoli]), is an Italian professional football club based in Naples, Campania that plays in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.

Which country is Atlanta?

United States

Atlanta, Georgia
Country United States
State Georgia
Counties Fulton, DeKalb
Terminus 1837

What county is Turin in?

Province of Turin
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Capital(s) Turin
Comuni 315

Is Atlanta black?

Atlanta is, as of 2010, the nation’s 4th largest black-majority city and has long been known as a “black mecca” for its role as a center of black wealth, political and social power, education, and culture including film and music.

Where does calcio come from?

Once widely played, the sport is thought to have started in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. There it became known as the giuoco del calcio fiorentino (“Florentine kick game”) or simply calcio, which is now also the name for association football in the Italian language.