How much is Turkish armored doors in Nigeria?

Luxury Doors- Turkish

Turkish Pompom Door (3ft) N100,000 – N110,000
Turkish Armored Door (3ft) N350,000 – N370,000
Turkish Armored Door (4ft) N450,000 – N470,000
Turkish Luxury Door (3ft) N210,000 – N220,000
Turkish Luxury Door (4ft) N290,000 – N300,000

How much is a bullet proof door?

around $11,000 to $30,000
How Much Does A Bulletproof Residential Door Cost? Our custom bulletproof doors range in price from around $11,000 to $30,000. Our system includes everything: Secure door core, custom milled wood cladding, secure frame, multi-point lock system, insulation, hinges, thermal seal, and much more.

Is bullet proof glass breakable?

Breaking Acrylic Bulletproof glass Acrylic-made glass can be broken by hitting them for 5 minutes with a sledgehammer. Plus, a single rifle bullet is enough to break this glass.

What is the strongest glass you can buy?

What Type of Glass Is the Strongest?

  • Toughened (tempered) glass: ⁣ This kind of glass is recommended for safety purposes. It’s manufactured by use of controlled thermal or chemical treatment processes.
  • Laminated Glass: ⁣ This kind of glass tends to hold together when it’s shuttered and stays in the frame.
  • Plate Glass:⁣

How much does a sheet of bulletproof glass cost?

Pricing for Bullet Resistant Flat Glass can start from around $25.00 per sq. ft. to over $100.00 per sq. ft. (Depending on sheet size and level of protection needed.)

Where can I buy Turkish doors in Nigeria?

You can easily shop for Turkish doors online in Nigeria and ship them to wherever you are in the country. Some great options for shopping online in Nigeria include and But never pay before delivery on such platforms.

Are Turkish doors the best option for You?

The armored doors are bulletproof and have metal frames. Style and beauty: If classy style and design are among the factors you consider when picking a door, then Turkish doors are designed for you. When it comes to elegance, Turkey doors are on top of the list.

What are the most durable doors in Nigeria?

When it comes to durability, they are in a class of their own. The materials they boast of enhances their strength and toughness, hence making them one of the most long-lasting doors in Nigeria. Just like other types of doors, Turkey doors are available in different grades and classes.