Are there lockers at Waverley Station Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Waverley Station Luggage Storage While most rail stations no longer offer luggage lockers due to security reasons, a Left Luggage office is available on site. You can pay online and book in advance before dropping off your large belongings at this Edinburgh train station luggage storage.

Are there lockers in Edinburgh?

Luggage storage and lockers near Edinburgh Bus Station Edinburgh bus station also offers luggage lockers and at cheaper rates than Waverley Station. Nevertheless, at £5 for a small locker, there are cheaper options, especially if you need to store a rather big suitcase.

Does Edinburgh bus station have lockers?

Edinburgh bus station does offer luggage lockers at cheaper rates than Waverley Station. Although, at £5 for a small locker, there are cheaper options if you need to store a big piece of luggage or multiple items.

Is there left luggage at Haymarket?

The Haymarket area is in the west of Edinburgh city centre and the location of the city’s second-largest train station, Haymarket station. Unfortunately, inside the station there is no left luggage facility.

Does Waverley Station have luggage lockers?

Finding our baggage storage at Edinburgh Waverley is easy, as we’re right near the Calton Road Entrance on Platform 2. You can simply walk in on the day to arrange luggage storage, or you can pre-book online for convenience or to tell us about high-value, bulky or awkward items you need to store.

Does Waverley Station have luggage storage?

Waverley Station provides a standard left luggage facility on Platform 2. It’s run by Excess Baggage and is open from 7 am to 11 pm all week long. There’s no need to book in advance. You can walk in and drop off your bag, or you can pre-book online if you have some high-value or bulky items you need to store.

Can you leave bags at Waverley Station?

Is Edinburgh station the same as Edinburgh Waverley?

The central station in Edinburgh is called “Edinburgh”. It is something referred to as Edinburgh Waverley in tribute to a novel by Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh Gateway is out near the airport and Edinburgh Haymarket is to the west of the city centre. So, Edinburgh station is the main central station.

Can you drive into Waverley Station?

Car. Private cars can no longer enter the station.

Why is Edinburgh called Waverley?

The First Station From 1854 these three stations were collectively known as ‘Waverley’, named after the Sir Walter Scott Waverley Novels.

Where do you pick up at Waverley Station?

Pick-up / drop-off points: Market Street, EH1 1DE. New Street car park (free for 40 minutes), EH8 8BH.

Are Haymarket and Waverley the same?

Waverley is the final stop. You go through Haymarket first. On a train from London, Haymarket is after Waverley. You must be on a train which continues to Aberdeen as one which was terminatting in Edinburgh would not go as far as Haymarket.

Can you hail a taxi in Edinburgh?

Yes you can hail the “black cab” style taxis anywhere you see one with its light on and yes there are also taxi ranks dotted all over the city for these types of cabs. The private car taxis need to be pre-booked and cannot be hailed off the street. 🙂 2.