What is a Category 1 tornado?

For example, the scale says a category 1 tornado has estimated wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph and can cause moderate damage, such as the loss of exterior home doors and windows, or a severely stripped roof.

How many mph is a Category 1 tornado?

The Fujita Scale

F Scale Character Estimated winds
Zero (F0) Weak 40-72 mph
One (F1) Weak 73-112 mph
Two (F2) Strong 113-157 mph
Three (F3) Strong 158-206 mph

How do you make a tornado model for school?


  1. Fill your container about ¾ full with clean water.
  2. Add a squirt of dish soap, as well as your glitter or food coloring, if desired.
  3. Seal the container tightly.
  4. Move the bottle rapidly in a circular motion. After a few seconds, you should see the water begin swirling. Stop, and watch your tornado!

What kind of damage would an EF 1 tornado cause?

An EF1 tornado has wind gusts ranging from 86 to 110 mph. It can cause roofs to severely strip, overturn or badly damage mobile homes and remove exterior doors and break windows on sturdier structures.

How strong is an EF1 tornado?

Enhanced Fujita Scale

EF-scale Class Wind speed
EF-1 weak 86-110
EF-2 strong 111-135
EF-3 strong 136-165

What is a category 0 tornado?

Tornadoes are classified into five categories, F-0 through F-5. F-0 tornadoes are the mildest. F-5 tornadoes are the most dangerous (and the rarest). F-0 40-72 mph, Light damage, chimney damage, tree branches broken.

How strong is EF1 tornado?

An EF1 tornado is the second weakest tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. An EF1 tornado has wind speeds between 86 and 110 mph (138 and 177 km/h). Damage from an EF1 tornado is described as moderate.

Can an F1 tornado destroy a house?

F1 tornadoes can rip off doors, break windows and upend mobile homes.

How strong is EF 1 tornado?

How do you make a fog tornado?

Place some small chunks of dry ice into your food container and add some warm water to create fog. Put your tornado chamber over the container and watch the wonders of vortex currents at work!