Do we use mph or kph?

The designations for both may change, but most countries have adopted either kph, kp/h, or kmph for kilometers per hour, and mi/h, mph and m/h for miles per hour. Currently, only about 9% of the world uses miles per hour as a unit of measure, with the best-known among them being the USA and its dependencies.

What is 30 km in miles?

Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour table

Kilometers per hour Miles per hour
30 kph 18.64
31 kph 19.26
32 kph 19.88
33 kph 20.51

Do the British use mph or kph?

Even though everyone thinks Europe has completely converted to the metric system, the United Kingdom still uses miles per hour, too — and anywhere you go in the U.K., you’ll see signs in miles per hour.

Do Brits use miles or kilometers?

Britain is officially metric, in line with the rest of Europe. However, imperial measures are still in use, especially for road distances, which are measured in miles. Imperial pints and gallons are 20 per cent larger than US measures.

Why is the speed limit 30?

The 30 mph limit was introduced by the Road Traffic Act 1934 as a way of slowing traffic in built-up areas (defined as having a system of street lights no more than 200 yards apart) for road safety.

How much is 30km in mph?

Kilometers Per Hour to Miles Per Hour Conversions

Kilometers Per Hour Miles Per Hour
15 kph 9.321 mph
20 kph 12.427 mph
25 kph 15.534 mph
30 kph 18.641 mph

Is it km or miles in UK?

Does UK use mph or kph?

How fast is 30 kN in mph?


5 Knots 9.3
20 Knots 37.0
25 Knots 46.3
30 Knots 55.6
35 Knots 64.8

What is 30 knot wind speed?

5 Knots 5.8
30 Knots 34.6
35 Knots 40.3
40 Knots 46.1
45 Knots 51.8

How do you know 30mph?

30mph. You’ll see these in ‘built-up’ areas (urban roads and villages). A good general rule is that if there are street lights, it’s 30 unless you see a sign saying otherwise.

How do you know you are in a 30mph zone?

Roads with regular street lighting (such as those in housing estates or town centres) usually have a speed limit of 30 mph, unless it’s indicated otherwise – maybe with a sign like this. If there’s no street lighting, but a 30 mph limit is in place, 30 mph repeater signs are used to remind drivers of the limit.