What happened to Orac in Blakes 7?

Orac was built by Ensor on the planet Aristo. Ensor planned to exchange it for 100 million credits and a new power supply for his bionic heart, but he died after Servalan reneged on the deal.

Who played Orac in Blakes 7?

Peter Tuddenham
Orac (short for Oracle) is voiced by series regular Peter Tuddenham, except for the series 1 finale “Orac” (which introduced the character) when the voice is provided by Derek Farr, who played Orac’s creator Ensor in that episode.

How many series of Blake 7 are there?


Blake’s 7
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Producers David Maloney (series 1–3) Vere Lorrimer (series 4)

When was the last episode of Blakes 7?

December 21, 1981Blake’s 7 / Final episode date

Who created ORAC?

Guohua Cao
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Who is the highest ORAC value product in the world?

Dragon’s Blood-Sap form the Croton lechleri tree has the highest recorded ORAC score to date: 2,897,110 μ mol TE/100g.

Will there be a new series of Blake’s 7?

On 9 April 2013, the BBC reported that a new series of Blake’s 7 would be broadcast by SyFy. Other media reported that a full-series order of thirteen episodes had been placed. Terry Nation had done well financially from commercial exploitation of the Doctor Who Daleks, and recognised the potential for merchandise related to Blake’s 7.

What is the plot of Orac by William Blake?

Blake meets a man named Ensor and discovers a plot by Servalan and Travis to seize a powerful computer named Orac, which is capable of communicating with any computer that uses a component called a Tariel Cell. Blake’s crew suffers from radiation sickness but capture the device before Servalan arrives.

When did Orac come out in Australia?

During the same year Orac was released, containing excerpts from Deliverance, Orac and Redemption. The first three tapes were available in both VHS and Betamax format. The final tape, The Aftermath, was released in Australia during 1986, with extracts from Aftermath, Powerplay and Sarcophagus.

What happened to Orac in Star Trek?

Afterwards it came into the possession of Blake and his crew, where it proved invaluable in saving their lives on numerous occasions. Orac briefly fell under the control of a hostile alien telepathic intelligence, and was rigged with an explosive charge by Avon as a safeguard should this recur.