What does the beacon symbolize?

A source of guidance or inspiration. A beacon of hope. Any light or radio signal for warning or guiding. A radio transmitter that sends out signals for the guidance of aircraft, as at night or in fog.

Can a person be a beacon of hope?

If someone acts as a beacon to other people, they inspire or encourage them. She is a beacon of hope for women navigating the darkest passage of their lives. More Synonyms of beacon.

Is beacon of hope a metaphor?

The metaphor for ‘Be a beacon of hope’ is a lighthouse. Picture yourself as an ever-present, always visible, lighthouse beaming out hope to your constituent ‘vessels’ on the open seas (ie.

How do you use beacon of hope in a sentence?

I believe that we are destined to be the beacon of hope for all mankind. We should be a beacon of hope and tranquillity for those who wish to have their viewpoint heard. This type of research is a beacon of hope on the horizon. Even in these bleak years, we must offer a beacon of hope for the future.

What is a synonym for beacon?

warning fire, warning light, signal fire, signal light, bonfire, smoke signal, beam, signal, danger signal, guiding light. rocket, flare, Very light. lighthouse, light tower, pharos, phare, watchtower.

What does beacon of love mean?

There are certain people within your community that represent beacons of love, hope, positivity, and light. And whenever you see them, you feel their warm, genuine spirit wrap around your heart. Their presence alone immediately lifts your mood and makes you feel at ease.

Which word is a synonym for Beacon?

OTHER WORDS FOR beacon 1 beam, buoy, pharos; signal fire; balefire.

How can you be a beacon of hope for others?

Great leaders take a stand and call for others to come along on the journey. They point towards hope and say “There we go! That’s where we need to head.” These impactful leaders become a beacon of hope for those they lead.

Which word is a synonym for beacon?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for beacon, like: guide, lantern, signal, radiomicrophone, lighthouse, Beamsley, belisha, beacon light, radio-beacon, Pinhaw and dunkery.

What is the sentence of beacon?

(1) The ship was assigned to beacon the shoals. (2) The only light over the deep black sea was the blink shone from the beacon. (3) Our Parliament has been a beacon of hope to the peoples of Europe. (4) The blink of beacon could be seen for miles.

What’s the opposite of beacon?

Antonyms. impropriety improperness properness propriety refrain.

What’s another word for beacon?

What does it mean to be a beacon for others?

What is the importance of hope in life?

Hope reduces feelings of helplessness, increases happiness, reduces stress, and improves our quality of life.

What is another word for beacons?

What are synonyms for Beacon?

synonyms for beacon

  • flare.
  • lantern.
  • radar.
  • alarm.
  • alert.
  • balefire.
  • beam.
  • bonfire.

What is a beacon of light in the Bible?

A beacon of light is a lighthouse that is set on a hill. This is what God created the Church and every Christian to be in the society, lights that dispel the darkness of the community. The concept of light in the scriptures is detailed.