What rotors are compatible with TRP spyre?

Yes, they are compatible. As long as you are using a 160mm caliper mount, and a 160m rotor they will work together. There are industry-wide standards for rotor position for front and rear brakes.

Is TRP a Tektro?

TRP is part of the Tektro family. TEKTRO is a 33-year-old family business based in Taiwan. Today, all major bicycle brands use TEKTRO brakes in their bike lines and value Tektro’s reliability and quality production know-how. In 2006, Tektro launched it’s high end brand TRP – Tektro Racing Products.

Do bigger rotors stop better MTB?

Larger rotors for improved heat management Replacing a 180 mm rotor with a 200 mm model increases the braking surface by around 11%. Go straight to 220 mm and the increase is 24%. This allows the brake to dissipate heat much more effectively. The difference in weight depends heavily on the rotor itself.

Is TRP same as tektro?

As I said, TRP is the high-end division of Tektro, the initials originally standing for Tektro Racing Products – although the name is now just TRP. Essentially, Tektro products tend to be mass market while TRP are more exclusive, high-performance components.

What is Spyre C?

The Spyre is a dual sided mechanical where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad wear and, with the addition of a simple cable barrel adjuster, the pads can be adjusted easily and hassle free.

Where are TRP brakes made?

1999 TEKTRO launched it’s first hydraulic disc brake, which still is the company’s most successful and important product. Today, TEKTRO has production facilities in Taiwan and China with over 1,600 employees and provides sales and service in Taiwan, China, Europe and USA. TRP stands for TEKTRO Racing Product.

Is tektro owned by Shimano?

They are two separate companies, from different countries – Shimano is a Japanese company and Tektro is a Taiwanese company. However, there are quite a few similarities between their brakes. In fact, on some models, the brake pads are interchangeable between the two different brands due to their similarities.