Who wrote the comic saga?

Brian K. VaughanFiona Staples

Who created Y The Last Man?

Brian K. VaughanPia Guerra
Y: The Last Man/Creators

Is Brian K Vaughan married?

Personal life. Vaughan and his wife, a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and playwright, live in Los Angeles.

Who is lying cat?

Lying Cat is The Will’s sidekick. She is a large feline, similar in appearance to a Sphynx cat with pale blue-green skin and yellow eyes. Lying cat was first introduced in issue #1 (volume 1) along with The Will.

What kind of cat is Saga?

Vaughan and Fiona Staples, creators of the epic sci-fantasy comic Saga. She’s a tiger-sized, hairless blue Sphynx cat, and partner of the intergalactic bounty hunter called The Will, but that’s beside the point.

Are the 355 real?

The 355 May Not Be Based on Real Events, but It Was Still Inspired by a True Story. The new women-centered action-spy thriller The 355 is finally on its way to our screens after a long wait due to the pandemic.

What kind of car is sagwa?

In the series, which is set c. 1895–1912, after the cinematograph was patented and during the late Qing Dynasty, Sagwa has fun in her day-to-day life while learning and teaching valuable life lessons….

Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
Production companies CinéGroupe Sesame Workshop

Is Saga back from hiatus?

The creators took a break in 2018. Now, almost three years later, a lifetime in the world of entertainment, “Saga” is finally back.

Who was Washington’s spy 355?

Idara Victor
Idara Victor plays fictional Agent 355 in the television series Turn: Washington’s Spies. In the show, Agent 355 is the code name of a former slave named Abigail. She had been owned by Anna Strong until the British army seized Selah’s property upon his imprisonment.