What is the latest version of Avaya one-X agent?

323) was issued in July 2021. This is the latest (H. 323) release of one-X Agent and is recommended for new development.

What is the Avaya 1x agent?

Description: Avaya one-X Agent is an integrated telephone softphone solution built to meet the needs of contact centers. This technology provides connectivity to agents working in office, working remotely, and for those interacting with clients with speech and hearing impairments.

How do I download an Avaya Agent?

Windows Users

  1. Visit Avaya Agent Desktop Install and click Download in the top right. Save the file (avaya.
  2. Open the avaya.
  3. Right-click the installer for 1.exe, click Run as Administrator, and follow all prompts (Accept, Continue, etc.), then do the same for 2.exe, then 3.exe, and finally, AvayaAgentDesktopClient.

How do I configure the oneagent installer for silent installation?

When using the silent installation mode, the OneAgent installer should be pre-configured with appropriate parameter values, since interactive dialogs and prompts will not be displayed during installation. Note: The environment specific parameters are preconfigured only for the EXE version of the installer.

How do I install Onex agent on a new computer?

Run the following command to do a silent install with default options. OneXAgentSetup.exe /qn Last but not least, start Agent on the new computer so it creates the profile folder, then click “Cancel” without doing anything. This builds %appdata% the profile folder.

Can I share the oneagent installation directory with other users?

The directory must be dedicated to OneAgent purposes only. No other software can have access to it. One reason is security, while the other is automatic cleanup performed periodically by OneAgent, which could remove files created by other applications. You must not share or nest in one another the installation, storage, and log directories.

What are the oneagent installation parameters supported by the installer UI?

The UI of the OneAgent installer for Windows supports only the –set-param= parameters. The following parameters are NOT supported by the installer UI: USER, INSTALL_PATH, LOG_PATH, PCAP_DRIVER, and DATA_STORAGE.