What happened to Trading Spouses?

The show completed airing its third season on May 3, 2007. On February 27, 2008, Fox announced that it had sold the rights to Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy to CMT, effectively ending the series. Mostly True Stories?:

What time does Trading Spouses start on Fox?

FOX beats ABC to the wife-as-property punch tonight at 8 p.m. ET as it debuts Trading Spouses, a show that closely resembles ABC fall series (and UK import) Wife Swap. Subtitled “Meet Your New Mommy,” the new series’ crappy Flash web site says tonight’s episode finds “a strong willed Blonde …

What happened to Marguerite Perrin on Trading Spouses?

FOX’s Trading Spouses found its first star last week when it aired the second part of its second season finale. Marguerite Perrin, who according to FOX “says that she can hear God and is in constant communication with him,” had a meltdown that rivaled all of those we’ve seen before.

Should spouses be included in a stock trading ban?

“If spouses are not included in the ban, there’s no point in having the ban,” said Shaub, adding that a spouse-less stock trading ban would be “worse than meaningless because it creates the false impression that Congress has done something when they’ve done nothing at all to stop their conflict of interest problems.”

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Will Nancy Pelosi ban lawmakers from trading stocks?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after initial resistance, has now come around to the idea of banning lawmakers from trading stocks but remains noncommittal on the details of what that may entail, beyond a desire to include the judiciary in any future reforms.