What is the price of Uppada silk saree?

Uppada pattu sarees are easily one of the more expensive sarees that you can buy. The price ranges from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 5000 online.

What is Kuppadam silk sarees?

The Kuppadam silk cotton sarees are a unique blend of silk cotton body and pure silk, zari woven border. They are the masterpieces made by weavers in the village of Kuppadam, Andhra Pradesh.

What does Uppada mean?

Uppada is a village in East Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Kothapalli mandal of Kakinada revenue division. Uppada Jamdani Sari is a handcrafted sari woven at the village and is also a geographical indication of Andhra Pradesh.

What is famous in Uppada?

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Uppada is a beach town located in East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is famous for beautifully designed silk sarees. Uppada is well known for its traditional Jamdani / Uppada Handlooms. Uppada handlooms are well known for its unique designs.

Which state is famous for Pochampalli sarees?

Pochampally Ikat is also known locally as Chitki, Pogudubandhu, and Buddabhashi in the region of Telangana where it is produced, whereas in other parts of India, the handloom design is popularly known as Pochampally.

What is the difference between pochampally and ikat sarees?

You must know that Pochampally, Patola and Ikat- all of these refer to the same double ikkat weaving technique. The main difference between a Patola and Pochampally saree is their design language and geographical location.

Is Patola and Pochampalli same?

The main difference between a Patola and Pochampally saree is their design language and geographical location. This refers to the fact that Patolas are made in Patan, Gujarat, while Pochampallys belong to Telangana. But apart from these, there are a plethora of Ikat techniques flourishing in other parts of India.

Are Nalli Uppada sarees worth the price?

The Uppada sarees line is a priced collection that Nalli takes pride in given its thin, soft and fuss-free nature. The long haul that goes into making sarees in the Jamdani technique makes them so special and, thus, worth every penny.

Why choose Nalli silk sarees?

These sarees are simple, light, and comfortable to wear every day. They can be draped to work, college, parties, and styled with a lehenga to create a whole new half-saree look. Over the years, Nalli has gained the trust of many customers globally by delivering pure silk sarees with no compromises.

Why Uppada tissue sarees are popular in India?

A majority of Uppada sarees have a zari line along with the self or contrast border to keep up its reputation of a royal saree. The dual-tone collection of these sarees from Andhra Pradesh mimic the glamour of Uppada tissue sarees that are known for their rich shiny features.

What to look for before buying silk saree?

Before you buy silk saree, take a quick peek at these silk saree trends that are sure to get the ladies talking at your next big event. This Banarasi saree is interweaved with jute fibres. They are suitable for work conferences, kitty parties and the like.